Why is Satta king called the “Black Satta King” game?

Satta king is one of the oldest player lottery games in history. It has been played fornumerous decades and the prominence of the game is still touching new heights every day. People who have been playing lottery games for a long time are well aware of the facts and risks related to the satta king game and still prefer this game due to fewer rules, simple games, and easy benefits. All these benefits have made it one of the most popular games across the globe.

With the invention of online Black satta king mode to play lottery games,  has received a massive response. Now players from across the globe can play games of different areas and try their luck to earn greater returns. The thing that remains unanswered is the name Black Satta king has given to the game. The underlying study includes all the factors that clarify the details regarding the unusual name. Let’s see what this name has hidden in it?

Black  Satta King  : The history behind the name

Satta king was introduced into the realm of lottery games around six to eight decades back when the export and import of cotton was at its peak. It was the time when the rates of cotton used to change daily depending on the amount of cotton imported or exported in the particular area. The people around started to bet on the rates of cotton just for fun and to earn some extra sum as pocket money.

The word about betting on cotton prices soon spread across the world and people started betting on different commodities with a similar set of rules. The trick was, none of the government officials knew about this betting and when they came to knew about it. They immediately dropped the exports and imports to stop the betting.

It created huge havoc in the market and everyone had to stop the betting as it was termed illegal. Later, when things grew normal, people started to implement the rules of cotton betting on the lottery game. The number was drawn and the one who bets on the right number gets the prize money. The betting method today is considered illegal across numerous parts of the world as it creates huge havoc among the players and also loses the valuable monetary assets of the players.

Black satta game is although played through online mode now and is not considered illegal in most of the parts but it is yet to be legalized in many parts of the world. Being illegal is the main reason forits unusual name.


Lottery games involve high risks and many times the players go out of the way to overcome the loss they have suffered in the game. Satta King’s Up and down results are the main reason behind the unusual behavior of the players. And thus the game is named along with the prefix Black due to the unusual and unhealthy aspects that players go through.